"I have a history of service and  I want to work for you. Stand with me!"
Over 150,000 hard working Kansas deserve the affordable health care that will become available when Medicaid Expansion is passed. 
We need to ensure that we fully fund our schools to ensure our kids are ready to compete with scholars, from top schools, after H.S.; or enter the workforce with skills for jobs that pay a living wage. 
We need to ensure our kids can stay or return to our community and raise their families because we have clean energy industries with good paying jobs.  We need to consider our environment as we improve our infrastructure for the future. 
We need to lead the fight to build a Veterans home in our area so our veterans can live near us during illness and as they age.   
We can no longer hold the health and welfare of Kansans hostage while wasting time trying to change the State Constitution in order to control the decisions of women about their reproductive choices.  If we love the constitution and the rights it grants us, then we need to stop trying to change it, to restrict the rights of women.  The Supreme Court has ruled!
I want to represent you as a legislator who exercises the will of the people and brings common-sense bi-partisan governing back to Kansas.



  Our schools need to be  funded to support the needs of our teachers and students.  Kansas ranks #30 in K-12 per student spending.

Food and Property Taxes

We pay some of the highest food taxes in the Country.  Property taxes need to be regulated to ensure that we do not levy tax raises for general maintenance of our properties.

Medicaid Expansion

Medicaid expansion will ensure that 150,000 hardworking Kansans can afford to pay for quality healthcare and create about 4,000 new jobs over 5 years in the health industry.  The program will be paid for with 90% federal and 10% Kansas dollars.

Veteran Benefits

Veterans have served our country and our government has a responsibility to serve them.  We need a new and modern veteran's home in Northeast Kansas that is contracted with the Veteran's Administration. I will fight to keep "on-site visits" in the Veteran Benefits Administration' regional offices. 


We need to bring high tech industries to our community that use green energy to ensure we protect our environment as we grow.

Foster Care
In Kansas, as of March 2020, The Kansas Department of Children and families reported 7,296 youth are in foster care.  We need to improve the foster care system to protect the most vulnerable Kansans.  They are running out of time!

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